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Book Review: The Hot Box by Zane


Read: May 2021

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4 stars)

I know books like this can a little too much because of how descriptive and vulgar they can be. I also know books like these can have some unrealistic plots, but I do think that there is always something to take from these books. I do enjoy books like this because although unrealistic in some ways (that’s why it’s fiction), it does highlight things that people actually think about and do in the real world.

This book takes you through the lives of two best friends, Lydia and Milena, and all of there secrets. Lydia is the friend with big dreams, but seems to be too comfortable with her current circumstances to actually achieve them. Milena is the friend who has isolated herself from the world (well, from men) after getting her heart broken 8 year ago the day of her wedding.

Lydia is caught in a love triangle. She is officially dating Glenn, but is having an affair with his best friend Phil. Milena finally decides to get back into the dating scene when she finds out her ex fiancé is back in town and is trying to win her back. She wants to make him jealous, but soon she finds herself in a love triangle as well. Imagine being single and not dating for 8 years and then picking up a homeless man on the street, cleaning him up and bringing him to a party just to make you ex jealous.

Both of these girls are insecure in many ways and you will get to see the character development through each of their POV. I love how Zane developed these characters and put some meaning behind each one. Unrelated to the book, but I wasn’t too much of a fan of the cover, but that had no impact on my thoughts of the book itself.

This book was a pretty good & quick read from beginning to end. If you’re into spicy dramas, then i’d definitely recommend this book.


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