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Book Review: The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient #1) by Helen Hoang

Rating: 5 Stars

Genre: Novel, Romance, Adult Fiction

So, I enjoyed this book. I think it so important to have more representation for people with Autism. This book does a good job and giving one person’s experience with having Autism. 

This book is about Stella, a woman who is convinced that something is wrong with her (autism) because men seem to treat her less than human. Eventually, she finds the courage to hire an escort, Michael, to teach her how to be good in bed. She later changes her mind and decides to hire him to be in a fake relationship with her so she could learn how to be in one. Of course, this evolves into them eventually falling for each other and learning how to deal with the emotions that they were feeling.

A lot of people mentioned there were a lot of red flags in this book. I think a lot of things were put there, to give the perspective of what Stella was feeling and why. The men she was dealing with were assholes. Phillip was also a jerk who thought he could win Stella over by being cocky. Yes, we should be mindful of what we put out there to the world, but in reality, does everything happen the way it should? No. Which is why I feel when it came to Michael, the Author stressed so much about consent in their arrangement/relationship. Michael never did anything without ensuring that Stella was 100% okay with it and that was important. Yes, the other men were assholes, but Michael, he was different. 

She wasn’t super confident with the fact that she was autistic, so I think that is why she instantly reverted to that being the problem or resorting to her “being the problem”. Dating Michael is what helped her realize that, autistic or not, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. It was okay for her to be different and other people didn’t want to accept that, then they didn’t need to be in her life.

Again, I love the representation and I’m excited to read The Bride Test next.


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