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Book Review: The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient #2) by Helen Hoang

Rating: 4 stars

Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Novel

Esme was living her life in Vietnam, until one day she met an older lady who asked her to fly to the United States and marry her son. Naturally, Esme was skeptical because the entire situation was strange and seemed extremely random, but she decided to go through with it.

I enjoyed this book & thought it was a cute story. However, I did find some things slightly weird. Like Khai’s mom flying all the way to Vietnam to find him a wife behind his back or Esme’s mom practically telling her to seduce Khai into marrying her just for a green card & a better life.

Esme wanted a better life, but she wasn’t going to play dirty to get that. She would only marry Khai if he truly loved her. One thing I didn’t understand was why no one ever explained to Esme what Autism truly was. Khai mentioned it to her and while she took in the information, she never asked him what it meant knowing she had no clue what it was. Everyone kept mentioning to her how Khai was different and how he doesn’t express or understand his emotions the same as most people, but they never related it to his Autism to help Esme fully understand him. Esme kept getting upset with him and no one would try to help her understand why Khai wouldn’t express his emotions or why he kept denying/rejecting her. I don’t know why, but that really annoyed me.

The connection I felt with Michael & Stella in The Kiss Quotient, I didn’t feel that with Esme and Khai. I kind of felt like their relationship was more forced than coming naturally. Other than that, I thought it was a really good story. It flowed well & it gives you another perspective of someone with autism. I also love the continued representation as well. 

I’m excited for The Heart Principle in August.

Have you read this? What did you think?


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