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Book Review: Blitzed (Playbook #3) by Alexa Martin

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Genre: Romance, Sports, Fiction

As much as wanted to love this book, I didn’t. I found myself getting bored really fast while reading this. What kept me reading was just the curiosity of Maxwell’s brother, which ultimately ended up being kind of a disappointment because I felt it was rushed just to get the question answered. The plot twist itself was already a disappointment to me, but the fact that it was rushed didn’t help.

This book is centered around Brynn’s life and ultimately her and Maxwell’s friendship turn romance as well. I liked Brynn’s character, so I had hoped for this book. It started out pretty good, but somewhere it just got boring to me.

Oh & when Brynn had a talk with Maxwell’s brother and chose to believe him over Maxwell, mad me so angry. She didn’t even know Maxwell’s brother or the type of person he was and she believed him without even questioning him or his intent. Maxwell was sweet and it obvious that he always had good intentions and cared about, which is why he tried so hard to keep his brother away from her.

I will say, Vonnie was awesome in this book. I mean how can you not love her. She’s the nosey friend that you hate, but love at the same time.

I had hope for this book because as I mentioned earlier, I like Brynn and was excited for a book about her. The ending and the drawn out plots really ruined the book for me. Some situations didn’t need to be dragged out as long as they did.

Currently reading Snapped (Playbook #4), so stay tuned for that review!!!

Have you read any books in Alexa Martin’s Playbook Series? What did you think?


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