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Book Review: The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory (The Wedding Date #1)

Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Adult

I thought this book was cute and an easy read. Alexa and Drew meet while stuck on an elevator in a hotel. Since they were both stuck on an elevator they engaged in conversation to allow time to pass by until they are able to get off the elevator. Eventually, Drew decides to ask Alexa if she would be his plus one to a wedding that is for his ex and a friend. this caught my attention fast, seemed like some juicy drama just waiting to happen. Honestly, lol, the wedding wasn’t really that interesting. Of course, after the wedding, Drew and Alexa ended up leaving and going home together and from there, the feelings began to grow.

Alexa and Drew were an interracial couple, which I can appreciate. But what always seems to come with books about interracial couples is the racial issues and one not understanding them. There isn’t a problem with pointing out the issues, but I wish in one book, the racial issue didn’t come with one person not understanding and having to have it explained to them in order for them to understand. Not every non-black individual is oblivious to racial issues in the world.

Carlos was probably my favorite. He was very down to earth and he was always honest with Drew even when Drew didn’t want to hear it. In my opinion, Carlos was a good friend and the parts where Carlos was in the book, were some of the better parts. I really wasn’t a fan of Drew’s character and I felt that he didn’t have any respect for Carlos.

Alexa and Drew lived in different parts of California. So Alexa would fly to see Drew during her free weekends and vice versa. I hated how neither of them would speak up about how they felt, especially Drew. When they decided to call it “quits”, Drew just decided that he wouldn’t talk to her to clear things up, instead he decided to mope around and take his frustrations out on his friend Carlos. It felt so high school-ish to me. Like, they were both adults, it took way too long for them to figure out what their relationship was and what they wanted it to be. They just made their relationship way more complicated than it had to be. As with most romance books, yes they ended up married in the end, but I’m sure anyone who read this knew that was going to happen from the beginning lol.

Overall, I give it four stars because it was a cute story and if you take out the adult parts, it would be a great book for a teenager. If they were more of a maturer couple, I think I would have fell in love with their relationship more, but I didn’t get mature vibes from their relationship throughout the book.

What is your opinion of The Wedding Date??

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