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Book Review: The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory (The Wedding Date #3)

Released: 16 July 2019

My Rating: 3 Stars

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult, Novel

It took me a little bit to actually get through this book and I’m starting to see a trend with the books in this series.

But first, let’s get into the description of the book.

This book is about Maddie and Theo. If you have read the first book in this series The Wedding Date, then you are probably familiar with these two characters. Maddie and Theo are both Alexa’s best friends. Maddie is a style consultant and Theo is Alexa’s co-worker. Alexa is getting ready to go to Theo’s birthday party and she begs Maddie to come with her. Maddie doesn’t like Theo due to an encounter they had years back when he asked her about what she did for a living and his reaction made her feel he felt her job was pointless. She agrees to attend the party for Alexa. One thing leads to another and suddenly Maddie wakes up in Theo’s bed. They chalk it up to being a mistake and saying it would never happen again, because well…they hate each other.

When Alexa gets engaged to Drew, she asks both Maddie and Theo to be in her wedding because they are her best friends. In that moment, Maddie and Theo realized they could not avoid each other. So they thought it would be a great idea to continue to have casual sex to reduce whatever tension they may have towards each other and then completely cut each other off once the wedding was over. But wait, there’s rules. No one can know about it, no dates, they will only see each other if they both had just seen Alexa, oh and definitely no falling in love. Easy right?

As we all know, situationships like this never go as people plan them. Inevitably someone is going to catch feelings, if not both of them will catch feelings.

In the beginning I said I was noticing a trend. I’m on Book #3 of the series and they all are pretty much the same plot. “Let’s have casual sex, nothing more, nothing less”, “let’s pretend the feelings we are feeling don’t exist because there is no way this could lead to us actually having feelings for each other”, “let’s have a dumb argument, breakup, and then be in our feelings about the breakup” and “let’s make up, make this an official relationship”. It’s all the same to me. While the scenario’s of how they happen may be different, ultimately you are reading the same kind of story.

In my opinion, if the series is going to be this way, then you have to do something that will keep the reader’s attention. I just personally wasn’t feeling their relationship, so I got kind of bored with it. I do feel somewhat invested because I believe the next book has the possibility of being better.

What do you guys think?

-Tiffany 💜

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