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Book Review: Total Eclipse of the Heart by Zane

Release Date: 1 December 2009

Rating: 4 Stars

Genre: Romance, Fiction, Adult, Novel


A lot of Zane Books can be cringey and unrealistic, so I wasn’t expecting this book to be amazing. It was the opposite. I actually enjoyed this book and ending up finishing it one day.

Now I will say this, as with most romance novels that I have read, it becomes extremely predictable right from the beginning of the book. What I really enjoyed about this was it slightly different from Zane’s typical writings. In my opinion this book was more of a romance/love story novel than and erotica.

This book explored a lot of things when it comes to relationships. What do you do the you’re married to someone who isn’t supportive of your dreams? What do you do when you put your life at risk to protect your spouse, end up being disabled and then being rejected by your wife? What do you do when you want to have children, but your wife is doing things without your knowing to prevent it from happening? What do you do when your platonic friendship is no longer platonic and you end up falling in love? What do you do when you’re in an abusive relationship?

This book brought up many questions and ultimately is what kept my attention. It was written really well and I love the build up of both the main characters in the book.

-Tiffany 💜


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