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Book Review: Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory

Released: 1 October 2019

Rating: 2 Stars

Genres: Romance, Fiction, Holiday, Chick Lit

So, this is book #4 in The Wedding Date series. This book is based on Maddie’s mom Vivian and her romantic relationship with Malcolm, a man she met while visiting England with Maddie. If you haven’t read any of the previous book in this series, Maddie is the main character from Book #3.

I’m just going to get straight to the point about this one. Since this book was based on a romantic relationship between between two older adults, I was expecting something a little more mature…I guess…I don’t know what I was expecting lol. So Vivian decides to go on a trip to England with Maddie to get a much needed break from being overworked. She ends up meeting Malcolm and they start to spend a lot of time together while she is there.

This book was extremely boring. I like Vivian, but I just felt there were countless pages of them having conversations about nothing. I found myself tuning out from this book a lot because it just couldn’t keep my attention for more than just a couple of pages. The relationship just didn’t draw me in or make me want to know more about where it would go. I wasn’t convinced that they were enjoying each other’s company.

Here’s the thing, I felt like the writing was so lazy for this book. Throughout the book, you find out absolutely nothing about Malcolm, besides the fact that he works for the Queen and he has a nephew named Miles, who eventually gets into a dumb argument with about what Miles wants to do with future since he finished high school. Then there’s this random scene where Malcolm turns into this jerk because Vivian wanted to help him better the situation with his nephew.

Personally, I don’t understand what made her so comfortable around him. She barely knew him and it was like she instantly trusted him because she found him attractive.

I hate to give this book a bad rating, but it was just that boring. It read like an extremely “monotoned” book for me. I didn’t find any parts funny or intriguing. I just felt like I was reading words on page that had no substance. For this to be about a romantic relationship between two older individuals, I was expecting more and instead I got a book about a bland af relationship between two people that wasn’t even convincing and none of their conversations were interesting at all.

I’m hoping that Party of Two is so much better because this book really disappointed me. Anyone else read this book and feel how I feel? What did you think?

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Thank you for reading!

~Tiffany 💜


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