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November 2021 Book of the Month

This month’s picks were almost a no brainer for me. All of the choices seemed like really good reads though. I ended choosing one and then making another an add on for the month.

My choices for November were:

BOTM: The Collective by Alison Gaylin

Add-On: A Little Hope by Ethan Joella

The covers on these books are amazing, so I wanted the hard copies of these for my collection. 😊

The other choices for November were:

The Family by Naomi Krupitsky (added to my TBR list)

The Keeper of Night by Kylie Lee Baker (added to my TBR list)

How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days by K.M. Jackson

Are you a Book of the Month Member? What book did you choose this month?


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