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ARC Review: The Younger Wife

Book Details:

  • Publication Date: April 5, 2022
  • Author: Sally Hepworth
  • Genre: Mystery, Fiction, Thriller
  • Format: e-book (Net Galley)
  • Length: 352 pages
Stephen Aston is getting married again. The only problem is, he’s still married to his first wife, even though she is in a care facility for dementia. But he’ll take care of that easily, by divorcing her–even if his adult daughters protest.  

Tully and Rachel Aston look upon Heather as nothing but an interloper. Heather is the same age as Rachel and even younger than Tully. Clearly she’s a golddigger and after their father’s money. Heather has secrets that she’s keeping close, and reasons of her own for wanting to marry Stephen.  

With their mother unable to speak for herself, Tully and Rachel are determined to get to the truth about their family’s secrets, the new wife closing in, and who their father really is. But will getting to the truth unleash the most dangerous impulses…in all of them?

First, I would like to thank Net Galley and St. Martin’s Press for being able to read this book early.

I was really excited to read this book since I enjoyed the The Good Sister. So, the Aston family has a lot going on. You begin to see that clearly as you keep reading. Tully and her husband are currently dealing with a bad investment that is causing them to lose their home. Rachel (Tully’s sister) hasn’t dated anyone since she was 16. Stephen (their father), is about to get married to a woman named Heather, however, he is still married to Tully and Rachel’s mother, Pam. Heather, is younger then Stephen’s daughters and has a secret past. Everyone in this family has secrets and of course their father falling in love with another woman is a problem for Tully and Rachel.

The one thing I loved about this book, was reading and learning about the characters. Hepworth really knows how to write a good book that makes you want to keep reading and not put the book down.

I was more of a fan of the writing than the story. I enjoyed the story up until the end. The ending, for me, was very underwhelming and not what I was expecting from a book labeled as a “thriller”. However, the mystery is still there.

My Rating:

3 star

Have you read any other books by Sally Hepworth? Do you plan on reading The Younger Wife?


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