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Book Review: Dear Martin (Dear Martin #1)

Book Details:

  • Published Date: October 17, 2017
  • Author: Nic Stone
  • Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Realistic Fiction, African American
  • Format: Audible
  • Narrator: Dion Graham
  • Length: 4h 32m
After a traffic stop turns violent at the hands of the police, a young Black teen grapples with racism – and what it means for his future. Critically acclaimed author Nic Stone boldly tackles America’s troubled history with race relations in her gripping debut novel.
Justyce is a good kid, an honor student, and always there to help a friend – but none of that matters to the police officer who just put him in handcuffs without cause.
When faced with injustice, Justyce looks to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for answers. But do they hold up anymore? He starts a journal to Dr. King to find out.
Then comes the day Justyce and a friend spark the fury of an off-duty cop. Words fly, shots are fired, and the boys get caught in the crosshairs. But in the media fallout, it’s Justyce who is under attack.

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This was a really good book. Racial profiling is very much still relevant to this day. What I loved about this book, is that Nic Stone shows that these things don’t just happen to the lower income families, it also happens to people of higher class as well.

Justyce attends an Ivy League school and is an all around good kid. One night he is trying to prevent his girlfriend from driving after having a few drinks. Well, as you can imagine, things go wrong and he ends up arrested. Justyce spends his time after being arrested, writing letter to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. trying to figure out how he would handle the situation that he’s in.

This book does a very good job and point out the different issues in society and there is also a very diverse cast in this book. I chose to listen to the audio version of this book and the narrator did a good job as well. This was a very quick read and I’m surprised I didn’t read it sooner.

My Rating:

4 star

Did you read Dear Martin? What were your thoughts?


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