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Book Review: The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty’s Prince (Villains #2)

Book Details:

  • Published Date: July 22, 2014
  • Author: Serena Valentino
  • Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction
  • Format: Kindle
  • Length: 164 pages
A cursed prince sits alone in a secluded castle. Few have seen him, but those who claim they have say his hair is wild and nails are sharp–like a beast’s! But how did this prince, once jovial and beloved by the people, come to be a reclusive and bitter monster? And is it possible that he can ever find true love and break the curse that has been placed upon him?

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Ok, can I just start off by saying that I don’t like the Prince? He was such a douche. Obviously, we know how Beauty & The Beast ends, so there’s no surprise that he ends up with Belle. But, all the stuff in between, yeah, I couldn’t stand him lol.

This book was pretty interesting to read, but it didn’t wow me. The Odd Sisters seem to be a popular feature so far in these books, so I can’t wait to get to their book. They are definitely entertaining.

My Rating:

3 star

Have you read any books from the Disney Villains Series? What were your thoughts?

See my review for Book #1: Fairest of All.


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