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Book Haul for the New Year!

Hey guys! So today, NYE, I decided to look for a couple books for the New Year. I grabbed two book from Target and five from Barnes & Noble. All of the books I grabbed have beautiful covers and were on my TBR list. I’m hoping I love them as much as I love the covers lol.

This Poison Heart (This Poison Heart #1) by Kalynn Bayron (B&N Purchase)

I am so excited for this book and the cover is beautiful. If I enjoy this book as much as I think I will, I will definitely be purchasing a copy of the sequel. Have y’all seen that cover?? Lol This book is also on my January Reading List, so I should have a review for this book before the end of the month.

Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead (Target Purchase)

I actually never planned on buying a physical copy of this book. I seen it at Target for 30% off and just decided to grab it. I know majority of books at Target are always discounted, but this was on my TBR and I am excited to read it eventually so I just decided to purchase it.

Skin of the Sea (Skin of the Sea #1) by Natasha Bowen (B&N Purchase)

This is another book with a gorgeous cover. I don’t know how far down this is on my TBR list, but I think I’m going to read it sooner than later. I’m not sure when the sequel will be releasing, but if I enjoy this one, then I will more than likely grab a physical copy of the sequel as well.

When You Get The Chance by Emma Lord (B&N Purchase)

I was actually surprised to see this while at Barnes & Noble. This book is set to release January 4, 2022 and is one of my anticipated book for January. The cover is cute and I’ve heard many good things about the book.

Fable (Fable #1) by Adrienne Young (Target Purchase)

I actually ran across this book on Goodreads not too long ago. The cover is what caught my attention and I saw it had quite a few good reviews from some friends on there. There are two more books in the series, so I will be purchasing those is I enjoy this one.

These Violent Delights (These Violent Delights #1) by Chloe Gong (B&N Purchase)

This book is described as a Romeo & Juliet retelling, but set in Shanghai in the 1920s. I am excited to read this book and see the the hype is all about.

Our Violent Ends (These Violent Delights #2) by Chloe Gong (B&N Purchase)

I was so excited to see what the hype was about that I decided to purchase the second book in series as well. Lol

Purchased, but not yet received….

Sweat and Soap, Volumes 1-3 (Manga) by Kintetsu Yamada

I ordered these from Barnes & Noble. I decided to give this Manga a shot because I heard many good things about it from Mina Reads on Youtube. I purchased physical copies because I am not a fan of comics/manga on the Kindle. The experience is just not the same as when you are reading the physical copy.

I am excited to read these books and give you all my thoughts on them. Are any of these books on your TBR or have you already read any of these books? Let me know in the comments!


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