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Where Have I Been??

Whew! Long time no post!

First, I would like to apologize for ghosting and being MIA for the past month. January and February have been really busy months for me and I am jus finally getting to a place where I can relax and actually enjoy reading the books I want to read.

Second, where have I been?

Well guys, as most of you may or may not know, I am Active Duty military. January I was spending majority of the month preparing to move overseas. I officially left the US at the end of January and made it to my new base beginning of February. Due to this “panorama”, I also had to quarantine for 10 days and then begin doing the things I needed to get done for get settle in my new home.

I will be living in South Korea for the next year and I would like to apologize in advance if my posts are all over the place due to time differences. I will eventually get to a steady schedule.

I am so excited to be here, this is my second time getting the opportunity to live here and I can’t wait to enjoy this beautiful country.

I just wanted to update you all and let you know that I am still alive and the post will be coming in the upcoming weeks!


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