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Book Review: Act Your Age, Eve Brown (The Brown Sisters #3)

Book Details:

  • Published Date: March 9, 2021
  • Author: Talia Hibbert
  • Genre: Romance, Adult, Fiction
  • Format: Kindle
  • Length: 320 pages
Eve Brown is a certified hot mess. No matter how hard she strives to do right, her life always goes horribly wrong. So she’s given up trying. But when her personal brand of chaos ruins an expensive wedding (someone had to liberate those poor doves), her parents draw the line. It’s time for Eve to grow up and prove herself—even though she’s not entirely sure how…
Jacob Wayne is in control. Always. The bed and breakfast owner’s on a mission to dominate the hospitality industry and he expects nothing less than perfection. So when a purple-haired tornado of a woman turns up out of the blue to interview for his open chef position, he tells her the brutal truth: not a chance in hell. Then she hits him with her car—supposedly by accident. Yeah, right.
Now his arm is broken, his B&B is understaffed, and the dangerously unpredictable Eve is fluttering around, trying to help. Before long, she’s infiltrated his work, his kitchen—and his spare bedroom. Jacob hates everything about it. Or rather, he should. Sunny, chaotic Eve is his natural-born nemesis, but the longer these two enemies spend in close quarters, the more their animosity turns into something else. Like Eve, the heat between them is impossible to ignore… and it’s melting Jacob’s frosty exterior.

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The book that had so much hype around it when it released that I had just had to indulge in this series (lol). This was the book that truly made me want to read this entire series to begin with. I don’t regret reading this series either. I finished this book back in February, so I am a little late with getting this review out to you all.

So, just like her sisters Chloe and Dani…Eve needs to get it together lol. If you have read the first two books, then you would know that each sister comes with her set of problems. Eve’s was simply needing to grow up and prove that she is a mature adult. She is determined to prove her parents wrong so she applies for this job to be a chef. The she hits the owner, Jacob, with her car, she is determined to prove that she can help and that she fits in.

Eve was fun (and a mess lol), which is why I think I enjoyed this book the best of the 3. The humor in this book was amazing. And seeing the growth of Eve was refreshing to read.

My Rating:

4 star

Have you read Act Your Age, Eve Brown? What were your thoughts?


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