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Book Review: Have We Met?

Book Details:

  • Published Date: July 1, 2021
  • Author: Camille Baker
  • Genre: Fiction, Adult, Romance
  • Format: Kindle Unlimited
  • Length: 364 pages
What if you already met the soul mate you were destined to be with? And you didn’t even know it?
After losing her best friend to cancer, Corinne’s life is in flux. She has moved back to Chicago, is considering her next career move (or temp job), and has absolutely no time to look for love—until a mysterious dating app called Met suddenly appears on her phone, and with it, an invitation for Corinne to reconnect with four missed connections from her past. One of them, Met says, is her soul mate…
Corinne doesn’t believe the app for a second, but when she very quickly finds herself with back-to-back blasts from the past, she’ll have to consider if maybe she’s wrong about it. The thing is, Corinne’s also been introduced to a really great guy outside the app’s influence. As their feelings for each other grow, Corinne has to wonder: With her apparent true love still out there, should she tap yes to the next match?
With help from a new group of friends, her loving if annoying family, and maybe a touch of fate, can Corinne come to terms with the loss she’s still reeling from, take control of her career, and find love along the way?(Amazon)

So, in the beginning, I honestly thought I was really going to enjoy this book. I think what turned me off was the simple fact there was a lot going on with different characters, but there was very little depth that went into going into any of it. Have you ever listened to someone tell a story, over exaggerate or try to hard to please a certain group of people and then get annoyed before they even finish the story? That’s how I felt reading this.

I can appreciate the author wanting to write a book that was very diverse, but I also felt like she was trying to hard. It felt very gimmicky in my honest opinion. She’ll throw out an interesting fact about a character, which is great, but then never really expand on that part of the book. Then you’re left wondering, why did we even have to know that fact in the first place lol. The story was also pretty predictable, which most romances are.

I personally feel like this book could have been so much better if the author put a little more time into explaining a lot of the things that was going on in the book.

My Rating:

Have you read Have We Met? What were your thoughts?


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