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Book Review: Lay Your Head On My Pillow (90s Kinda Love, #1)

Book Details: Published Date: September 2020 Author: Tanzania Glover Genre: Fiction, Adult, Romance, Novella, Black Love Format: Kindle/Audible Length: 107 pages "If the love doesn't feel like '90s R&B, I don't want it!" To avoid being let down Toni Riley doesn’t ever make birthday plans, but a once in a lifetime private lesson with famed… Continue reading Book Review: Lay Your Head On My Pillow (90s Kinda Love, #1)

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Book Review: Back in the Burbs

Book Details: Published Date: March 30, 2021 Author: Tracy Wolff & Avery Flynn Genre: Fiction, Adult, Romance Format: Kindle Length: 326 pages Ever have one of those days where life just plain sucks? Welcome to my last three months—ever since I caught my can’t-be-soon-enough ex-husband cheating with his paralegal. I’m thirty-five years old, and I’ve lost my NYC apartment, my… Continue reading Book Review: Back in the Burbs

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Book Review: Our Violent Ends

Book Details: Published Date: November 16, 2021 Author: Chloe Gong Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy Format: Hardcover Length: 512 pages The year is 1927, and Shanghai teeters on the edge of revolution.After sacrificing her relationship with Roma to protect him from the blood feud, Juliette has been a girl on a mission. One wrong move, and her cousin will… Continue reading Book Review: Our Violent Ends

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Book Review: Dating Dr. Dil

Book Details: Published Date: March 15, 2021 Author: Nisha Sharma Genre: Fiction, Adult, Romance Format: Hardcover/Book of the Month March 2022 Nisha Sharma’s new romantic comedy features enemies to lovers, a cast of best friends, and a gaggle of aunties determined to make a match.Hi! I’m Kareena Mann. As cheesy as it sounds, I’m looking for my soulmate. In… Continue reading Book Review: Dating Dr. Dil

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Blogtober Book Review: Adulting

Book Details: Published Date: April 1, 2021 Author: Liz Talley Genre: Fiction, Adult, Romance Format: Kindle Length: 337 pages After another all-night bender, one more failed stint at rehab, and a parole violation, self-destructive actress Chase London has to deal with her demons. She’s been written off as a Hollywood casualty by almost everyone, including her own mother. But handsome… Continue reading Blogtober Book Review: Adulting