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Book Review: Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes

Published Date: September 7, 2021

Author: Alexa Martin

Genre: Romance, Adult, Fiction, Chick-Lit, Novel

Format: Kindle/Audiobook (Whispersync)

Pages/Length: 384 pages/11 hrs 42 mins

Narrator(s): Nicole Lewis & Jessica Almasy

Two best friends say “I do” to living together, for better or worse, in this bold women’s fiction novel from Alexa Martin.
Jude Andrews is famous. Well, at least on Instagram. Her brand is clean-eating, good vibes, Pilates, and casually looking like a sun-kissed goddess. In real life, however, she’s a total disaster. She has a strained relationship with her fame-hungry mom, and her latest bad decision emptied out her entire savings account.
Lauren Turner had a plan: Graduate medical school and become the top surgeon in the country. But when she became unexpectedly pregnant, those plans changed. And when her fiancé left her, they changed again. Now navigating the new world of co-parenting, mom groups, and dating, she decides to launch a mommy podcast with all the advice she wishes someone had given her.
Jude and Lauren don’t have much in common, but maybe that’s why they’ve been best friends since the third grade. Through ups and downs, they’ve been by each other’s sides. But now? They’re broke, single, and do the only thing that makes sense – move in together, just like they talked about when they were teenagers. Except when they were younger, the plan didn’t include a five-year-old daughter and more baggage than their new townhouse can hold.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed it so much that I actually stayed up to finish the book. This isn’t my first Alexa Martin book and for the most part, I enjoyed her last four book series. This book was a nice way to end off the month of October. This book about the friendship between two women.

Lauren and Jude have been best friends since they were in the third grade. Now that they are adults, they live completely different lives, BUT they still remain friends. Lauren has recently broken up with her fiancé that cheated on her and married the woman he cheated with. They have a 5 year old daughter together name Addy. Jude is single, no kids, and lives the social media influencer lifestyle. She spends most of her time on her phone and trying to keep up with an image that makes her look good.

Both Lauren and Jude hit rock bottom at the same time and decide to move in together to help each other make ends meet and get back on their feet. This was also their old childhood dream, so why not make it come true? Eventually the two ladies start a podcast to talk about mom/women lifestyles to help bring in more money to their household.

I think Alexa Martin did an extremely good job at building depth around both characters and showing their growth from beginning to end. This book is labeled as a romance, but honestly, the romance portion of this book is so small, that I personally wouldn’t really consider it to be much of a romance. That portion was almost not needed, but I do feel that it served a purpose in showing the growth of Lauren.

This was a fun read and also hits some really deep topics along the way which is really what drawn me to keep reading and not put the book down.

My Rating:

Did you read this book? What did you think about it?

Mom Jeans and Other Mistakes (click link to purchase)

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