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Manga Review: Sweat and Soap Series (Vol 1-11)

Since I am doing this review on the entire Sweat and Soap Manga series, I decided to set this post up a little different.

When I read Vol 1, I thought…ok this book is slightly weird lol. But as I kept reading, I was enjoying it more and more.

Kotaro & Asako are the main characters of this series. Asako sweats…A LOT. So much that she has to take bathroom breaks to clean herself up. Kotaro makes soaps & has a unique sense of smell. Kotaro is drawn to Asako because one day her scent caught his attention, so much that he asks to smell her. Of course Asako think this is weird, but eventually she grows to enjoy the fact that he loves to smell her and the rest is history lol.

As weird as the book sounds, it was a really good & refreshing book. It was so nice to watch how Kotaro and Asako’s relationship grew and the different challenges they faced as a couple. This book also had a lot of funny moments as well.

I was sad to see this series end, but it was such an amazing ending to a great series.

My Rating:

4 star

Do you read Manga? What are some of your favorites?


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